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John Ray Infant School

John RayInfant School

Bumble Bees exploring the outdoors

This morning the Bumble Bees  🐝 have had a great morning out on the back field exploring, digging, hunting and creating.

Everyone has just been enjoying having fun in the wooded outside area playing with lots of different tools, ropes, swings, even drawing and sticking.

It is always so lovely to see the children exploring and having so much fun together taking turns on the rope swings knowing it’s a sharing time too.

We even found a real Bumble bee 🐝 on the grass .

A “ he has come to see us the bumble bees”

We took snack out with us which the children love to eat whilst sitting on the logs in the circle. The biggest part of the morning was washing hands before snack outside with soap and a big bowl of soapy water.

S “it’s like being camping”

C” I love it outside in the woods”

A” look at my beautiful picture I have used the spring flowers”

We finished off with having a chat of what the children had enjoyed.

S “I love the hammock, I could go to sleep in it”

K” Tug of war was fun”

M” The rope swing was great”

S” Digging for worms was good”

And a race down the field everybody joining in finished a great morning had by all!!